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August 6th 2010

It’s the most powerful business tool developed in the past 30 years…

It’s in widespread usage in every single Fortune 500 company…

It helps several hundred million people in organisations in every one of the world’s 162 countries organise and communicate their thoughts, plans and strategy….

It’s the thing people dread and fear when they go into a meeting or conference room…

It’s boring more people at this very minute than you’d ever imagine…

I am of course speaking of Microsoft Powerpoint.

Powerpoint’s ubiquity is irrefutable: it is indeed used everywhere. When was the last time you went to a conference or even a meeting that didn’t feature powerpoint? Apparently Steve McClaren persuaded the English Football Association to appoint him as manager by presenting a dazzling series of powerpoint slides.

At Spoon we see a lot of Powerpoint. Yet while everyone seems to be using it, no one seems to like watching a powerpoint presentation. ‘Death by Powerpoint,’ is a phrase we commonly hear people describe their last meeting as.  And as one of our clients told us recently, ‘Powerpoint should be used as a sleep aid.’


We often meet people who are preparing to give a presentation that they are absolutely, 100%, certain is going to bore their audiences. But here’s what we find amazing.: Even knowing this, THEY DO IT ANYWAY.

Ouch! Ouch!

For a moment we’d like to borrow the saying of the National Rifle Association:*

‘Guns don’t kill people, people do.’

We know that ‘Powerpoint doesn’t bore people, people do.’

That’s why we have developed a programme designed to help anyone who delivers presentations to use Powerpoint more efficiently, or to get their messages across using no Powerpoint at all.

We can show you how to:

  • Avoid the seven deadly sins of Powerpoint
  • Distill the information on your slides (and use far fewer slides, if any)
  • Master the 6 core essentials of a powerful presentation
  • Make your ideas ‘sticky’
  • Better engage the curiousity of your audience
  • Make your material so memorable you won’t have to refer to your slides to remember it yourself!

We’ll also debunk the myths about Powerpoint, including:

  • ‘If I don’t use a Powerpoint presentation people won’t take me seriously.’
  • ‘Without Powerpoint people won’t think I’ve prepared my material.’

Our clients tell us that this course has made their presentations more engaging, memorable, and fun to deliver. We know your personal, team and company success often relies on your ability to communicate effectively—and this means energizing your audiences and maintaining their interest throughout every presentation.

*For the record, Spoon is firmly in favour of gun control, and do not endorse any of the policies of The National Rifle Association.

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