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June 12th 2010

Here in the UK we’ve got a coalition government, a strategic alliance that is vowing to tackle the very pressing issues Great Britain now faces.

We know that the most successful people are always good at forming strong strategic alliances with those around them. especially in challenging times. We often remind managers and leaders to make a map of all the people they can call on as allies. When the going gets tough it’s good to remember how many people from all the walks of your life are there to support you. Here’s how to do this:

Get a blank sheet of paper, and put your initials in the centre. Circle them. Now noting all the people you can call on for support. These can be current and past colleagues and mentors, friends and family, even inspirational leaders you may have only met in the pages of their books. Write each of their initials around yours. I bet you’ll be surprised by the number of people who are eager and able to support you, with advice or practical help.

And once you’ve completed a draft of you allies chart, think again. Are there any unexpected allies you can recruit to support your current efforts?’ Stay on the lookout for people who think differently than you do—these people can become your most useful allies, because they’ll  see the things you miss and may have other capabilities you lack.

At Spoon we aim to be vital allies for our clients. We see our role as partners, co-designing training and development work that is focussed on each clients’ particular pressing issues and challenges. Like the best allies, we’re in it for the long-haul success of our clients, and everything we do is designed to promote this. We know this is what makes our business a success.

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