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The Impact of One-to-One

April 8th 2010

Connection and communication are essential to our being and our greatest impact is achieved when we are absolutely present.

Spoon’s Personal Impact and Presentation Skills coaching is effective because of the focus and attention our experts give to our clients. Each session is tailored to suit the individual’s needs and supply them with practical techniques that transform their lives. Everyone can benefit from the work and the effect is extraordinary:

“I came through the selection process with flying colours! I even  received quite a few comments that I was the best speaker on the night. Thank you for your help in achieving that. I certainly feel I can attribute such a strong performance to the work we did, and directly to your help.”

– Ross Grant, Councillor at Leicester City Council and Parliamentary Candidate for Conservative Party

It is essential that the individual is ready and committed to the journey ahead, before embarking on a change. To effect tangible change, practice is an imperative. No one else can do this for you. Our coaches offer tools and skills to aid your progress and your dedication to their rehearsal will enable them to become a part of your personal toolbox. An athlete’s performance is directly related to the hours of training they undertake!

Applying the techniques our experienced coaches offer requires developing a high level of self-awareness. Being conscious of how you appear to others is the first step to expanding your repertoire.

To change one’s behaviour takes determination and, sometimes, a bit of courage. For the many clients we have coached, the positive transformation has been well and truly worth it.

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