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March 15th 2010

We’re watching the UK gear up for what may prove to be the most interesting election in decades. The polls are see-sawing back and forth, and no one party is making decisive gains.

A friend of mine recently shared a theory he’d heard which explained the successful election of Barack Obama. Much has been made about Obama’s brilliant use of social networking sites and ground roots network of attracting voters, and of his oratorical skills. But this theory was much simpler.  Obama’s biggest advantage was that he chose to focus on the future. Both of his opponents—Hilary Clinton in the primaries and then John McCain in the general election—tried to win voters by emphasizing their long experience compared to younger, relatively neophyte Obama. But Obama kept pointing the lens at the future—not at what he had done, but what he would do on the journey ahead.

One of the great challenges in any organization is to blaze (and stay on) a trail to a compelling future while at the same time focusing energy and resources on what needs to be accomplished this day, this week, this month in order to realise that future. At the same time one needs to examine and prepare for all the different scenarios that may exist in our markets and regulatory environments. It’s a full time job, and one that we at Spoon regularly are helping our clients master.

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