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A Happy and Heroic New Year

January 8th 2010

As 2010 slowly gets into gear, we at Spoon have been asking all our clients –whether they are individuals or large companies—one simple question:

What do you want to accomplish this year?

For some of our clients this will be completing an important project, or a series of interconnected projects. For others it will mean seizing a new opportunity or facing up to an unavoidable challenge. For still others it will be realising a personal, team or organisational transformation.

We often support our clients by helping them conceive of their current challenges and aspirations as a story—a story in which an individual, team or an entire organisation embarks on a journey of discovery and transformation. This is a tried and trusted formula: ever since we stood up on two feet and started speaking to each other, we humans have been using stories to help ourselves and others understand where we’ve been and where we want to be.

Every inspirational story has its high points. But even more important are a story’s low points—where protagonists must find new ways of being and behaving in order to overcome obstacles and solve seemingly intractable problems. It is at these low points where ordinary men and women discover and engage their own heroic qualities and turn new insight into action designed to serve the greater good.

Some of Spoon’s highest impact work supports clients who need to take decisive action to most effectively respond to the challenges that will determine the level of success they will enjoy.  Our intention for 2010 is to show companies how to create inspirational stories that will drive their performance.

At Spoon we’re looking forward to celebrating and recounting our clients’ success stories this year.

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